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Small rotary pump

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    I need help, I have no background in engineering or fluid mechanics. I desire to find out the availability of a rotary/axial pump which has a size of 2cm X1 cm X1cm which can pump luids from 1 cc/min to 50 cc/min. The pump should be connected to the drive unit by a cable, so that the drive unit and pump can be separated. Power source can be either battery based or mains or both. My question is, is such pump avaialble in the market or do I have to get it fabricated? Anyone who can help?

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    You could try looking into peristaltic pumps. They are used in hospitals to pump fluids into people. In it’s simplest form it is a flexible hose that is squeezed by a cam and it pumps fluid without touching the fluid.

    Alternatively look into aquarium pumps
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    Thank you, I have looked at the peristaltic pumps, but they are way too heavy for my application. I have found a micro motor which is just under 2cm in size, but have no small rotary fan blades to drive it, I was more intereted in knwoing if someone has the intergrated pump.
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    Thank you, I will check, sincerely, PB
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