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Small stupid question

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    I don't know how to tackle this question as I was absent from class the day it was taught but I need to know:

    A quadrilateral has vertices P(0,8) Q(-4,4) R(2,-2) and S(6,4). Find the perimeter of the figure whose vertices are the midpoints of the sides of the quadrilateral.
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    Firstly, this belongs in the homework section. Do you know how to start the question? Can you find the midpoints of the sides of the quadrilateral to start with?
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    Yes, I think I got it now. I had them figured out all along I just found the question wordy and didn't know where to go from next. I think I have it now, you get the midpoints, connect the dots with lines (in my head) and figure the perimeter of the new object.
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    Yeah I got the answer, it was 20.2. Sorry for the useless thread.
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