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I Small temperature dependence in diamagnetic material

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    Hi everybody!
    I´m chemist doing new materials and my understanding of physics is quite basic.
    I have a sample (single phase) of Ba and Ge and it shows diamagnetism in the magnetic susceptibility measurement, however it show a small temperature dependent behavior. As far as I understand, diamagnetic materials should be nearly T independent so I don´t understand well what is going on here. According to heat capacity, there is no such effect in that temperature range, so I can discard a phase transition.
    Any suggestion?

    The measurement is at high magnetic field. At low magnetic field or in absent of it, the sample becomes superconductor at 7 K.
    The increase at low T is due to paramagnetic impurities. In the range 100 - 200 K it increases by a factor of two and then saturates and remains constant, as should be.

    PS I´m not allowed to post original data so I made a figure by hand..
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