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Small treasures

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    Hello :smile:

    While I was browsing through all the contributions for this weeks PF Photo Contest - "When You Wish Upon A Star" I remembered a book which was given to me as a gift when I was 11 years old. (a few years ago :rolleyes:) It told the story of manned space flight.

    Well today I've finally found it and there's a dedication written in Russian on the first page. Now what makes it so special, apart from the nice words, is the fact that it was written by the cosmonaut Igor Petrovich Volk! :blushing: He flew with Soyuz T-12 to the Russian space station Salyut 7 and was later involved in the Buran project. :cool:

    My Russian is rather limited (not to mention my English :rolleyes:) but here's my try to give a rough translation:

    "May this autograph/dedication contribute to strengthen the friendship and mutual understanding in all matters"

    I hope at least some of it is correct. :blushing:

    Do you also have or remember something given to you that you regard as a small treasure; something that makes you smile whenever you take a look at or think of it? :smile:



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    I wish i had, but most of the stuff i had gave a negative memory, so i chucked them out.
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