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Small winch motor

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    Hi all,

    I am trying to lift 10KG around 6-12 inches every couple of weeks of which will end up 5 metres from the original lifting point...I am asuming I will be using wire on the winch

    I am basically looking to get my hands on a small winch. The only ones I can find online are winches that start from 125KG of which are far to big and wont look good attached to the ceiling..

    Today I contacted a motor specialist and have this one arriving tomorrow of which the tech guy said will do the trick as it needs to be geared so it can lift around 12 inches in several minutes.


    The way I can sort of see me getting this to work (unless someone has seen a tiny winch thats off the shelf) is to fix it inside a metal adaptable box...slide some kind of shaft extension bar inside the box so it lines up with the original motors 8mm wide, 23.2mm long part flattened shaft, somehow fix it in place, put some kind of spool on the end of the protruding shaft (might only need the furthest end to have a spool as the metal adaptable box could act as the other end) fix a 5metre thin wire onto it and loop it over.

    I dont know anyone locally who has a lathe etc so my only hope is to use affordable items that are off the shelf
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    Welcome to the PF.

    To attach the two shafts (motor shaft to spooling shaft), you would use a shaft coupler:


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    Sorry to be possibly insulting but if you only need to lift 10Kg why do you need a winch?
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