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Smaller then expected ic chip

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    I was going to start a project making a 16x16 led board( using sainsmart uno r3) and I had bought 2 ic chip w/ 16 I/I ports. But when I got it, they are a lot smaller then usual ic chip I get. Is there some sort of adapter for small to large that can be used in a PC board? Thanks(I'm fairly new to this, so I made my first mistake)

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    need more info
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    I got 2 32 pin(16x2) ic chip and they are the small ones that do not fit on a breadboard. The ic chip specifically is TLC5921DAPR TLC5921 16 port 80mA LED driver ICA-6462.
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    For a $3 chip, it might be easier to just buy the right one. Any adapter will cost at least that much.
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    What kind of chip can I get with 32x2 ,16 I/o breadboard size?
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    No, not even same number of pins.
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    since we are all just guessing

    how about giving us some specifics .... give us links to your chip and your circuit board
    so that we can see what you have

    else we will just continue to go around in circles

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    As mentioned, you should post more specific info so we can help. Also do a Google search on Surfboard [STRIKE]ID[/STRIKE] IC Adapters to find more IC adapter resources.

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    The ic chip I got was "TLC5921DAPR TLC5921 16 port 80mA LED driver ICA-6462."
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    Data sheet is http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/slls390/slls390.pdf

    Double check that the pin spacing is correct on this adapter board:

    Just google "38 pin tssop socket" and look for something cheap and available that you like.
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    hmmmm --- wonder where I came up with 38 pins? weird.

    Anyway, that's the idea. I think you need the 0.1 inch header pins also if you want to plug it in to a breadboard or through-hole pcb.
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    I've got tons of them(got them for free from some kit). Btw, I'm going to do 16x16 leds in a square. What should I use as a cheap base that won't burn from solder(and can poke leds through).
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