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Smallest Rotary Actuators ?

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    Hi people,

    I am trying to find the smallest possible rotary actuators (I think the electrical ones are the smallest in the category though maybe there are also pietzoelectic rotary actuators with high torque for small angles) for the 1-10 Nm (8 - 86 inch-lbf) range. I don't need them to actually fully spin - just a total rotation at a small angle range of 20-25 degrees total is sufficient. Rotation speed is also not important at all. SIZE IS the only and most important factor. If you know product names or have links or know catalogs where you know it can be found, please post them.

    Also, if you happen to know about the smallest possible linear actuators in the 50-100 N range.

    Thank you :smile:
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    You may want to check out micro servos made by companies like Futaba and Airtronics (RC airplanes). They can get very small and lightweight for electric apps. I don't know their specs off the top of my head though. Just a place to start.
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    I was going to suggest micro servos from RC models too.

    http://www.futaba-rc.com/servos/servos.html [Broken]
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    Thanks guys ! :smile:
    I found something on GlobalSpec too but those were just statistics - much better too see exactly what you need. I managed to shorten then distance so the moment is now right in the range I need. Thanks again. :smile:
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    Thanks again guys. :smile:
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