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Smallest speaker

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    I am looking for a speaker that is roughly 1-5 mm in size. Are speakers made this small? I looked on google but could only find speakers around 25mm in diameter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    What is the frequency range required? I have seen ultrasonic speakers that are close to that size.
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    I need one in the range of human hearing. say for playing music or for cellphone signal.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    You won't be able to get much signal amplitude with a speaker that small.

    Common earphones are probably as small as you will find.
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    In-ear audio monitoring

    Musicians' in-ear monitors seem to use speaker elements that are pretty small. There are also consumer audiophile in-ear speakers from Etymotic that also may use pretty small elements.
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    What about hearing aids? You would think that they have a fairly good frequency range and they're small too.


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    No. I would think that they shoot for 3K. If you're looking for good frequency range, you're looking for Etymotic or musicians' in-ear monitors.
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    thank you for your responses they have been very helpful.
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    You might be able to find something in the piezo family that will suit your needs - phones that have speakerphone or laptops typically have some very space-optimized designs.

    Frequency range and output level are 2 important things to keep in mind - the range in the typical conversation and the restricted range used in phone systems are examples of this applied to a real life scenario. Ever listen to music from someone else's phone?

    Some piezo devices used for phone rings and stuff are very loud for their size but can only do tones in a very narrow frequency range (and one where our ears are very sensitive).


    P.S. I've heard from reliable sources the guy behind Etymotic is a real genius in his field and his products reflect that IMO. The basic flat frequency response generic ear plugs (far better than the ones at a music store) are like $15 but the custom made ones are nearly $300 plus a visit to an audiologist to get them fitted!
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