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Homework Help: Smart Bombs

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    I am doing a school project on the physics involved in smart bombs. I really need some information on what types of circuits they use. Also, any information on the ways in which they transmit their data would be helpful.
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    There are a bunch of different types of smart bombs:

    Laser guieded bombs
    Satelite guided bombs
    Optically guided bombs

    In addition to semi-intelligent radar seeking, heat seeking, and wire guided missiles which are also quite popular.

    I expect that the amount of transmissions that a guided bomb makes is minimal. Bombs generally have no reason to send out signals of any kind. The variety of circuits that is found on a smart bomb is certain to be quite large. There is, at minimum, digital logic for the controls, and control circuits for the correcting mechanisms. There is also an antenna for the reception of signals. I would recommend you concentrate on one type of motion control system instead of something as large and complicated as a 'smart' muntion.

    Convering PID loops (proporitonal integrated differential) would be a good topic for control theory. For circuitry, consider dealing with something relatively sane, like a cyclotron, or a radio.
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