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Medical Smart Guy disorder?

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    I was wondering if anyone has heard of a disorder where someone has to be the smartest guy in the room. This person gets anxious when you present them with an idea they have not fully thought through. They enjoy the company of those they know to be inferrior. Dislike creative ideas from those whom are younger. Anyway, someone gave me the name of this disorder and I was wondering if these symptoms sound familiar to anyone. Thanks.
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    Someone like me? :biggrin:

    It sounds like a paranoiac character for a bit and It may be also a dictator character. He doesn't really accept that some other people have more knowledge than him (and make him angry).

    It may be also an old grouchy grumpy fellow with arthrosis. o:)
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    narcastistic or something..begins with an n i think
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    I'm looking at this page here:


    that I found , and I'm not sure that "Smart Guy Disorder" is the right nickname for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It seems to have alot more range than needing to be the smartest. They are happy being praised and admired for any reason whatever, so long as they are praised and admired, and the center of attention.

    I'm curious if the person who explained that guy's attitude this way called it "Smart Guy Disorder" or if that's a nickname you came up with. The reason I ask is because he might well have been talking about Asperger's Syndrome, and not Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Asperger's people frequently talk like professors or experts, non-stop, can't tolerate being interrupted, and seem completely disinterested in what others have to add. They are usually academically above average and have an intense interest in one specific field or two, and they always try to steer the conversation to that subject. They don't converse, but monologise. They can get very anxious if you interrupt them, and might just get up and leave if they can't talk freely forward.

    This can come off as "narcissistic" behaviour, but the root cause is very different. (Alot of disorders and syndromes have narcissistic-seeming elements.) Asperger's is generally believed to be a neurological problem, while NPD is suspected of being a reaction to some kind of improper upbringing.
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    Asperger's syndrome is what the person told me. I just couldn't remember what it was, so I came up with the nickname of smart guy disorder. The narcissitic disorder seemed to fit the pieces but it did not trigger the name i had heard before. But asperger does. Thanks.
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    Look down the main menu of this forum a bit (Mind & Brain). There's a whole thread about Asperger's.
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    i am confused they all seem the same to me...... but i wish i could knock down one of the smart guy here.
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