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Smartboard cable issue

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    firstly hello.
    second my problem is i bought a smartboard 580 (touchscreen dry erase board) at an auction. it came with nothing doing some digging i found a schematic for the cable required to connect the board to my computer: http://www2.smarttech.com/kbdoc/186" [Broken] now i have tried to make this cable with 3 different power supply's. a 5v 550ma, a 9v 2.2a, and a 12v 1a. all of these are in the requirements set by the document except the 12v actually put out 16v but if you read the paper it says anything exceeding 18v just causes "noise". the only difference between there diagram and my cable is i left out the fuse,diode, and resistor because i figured these were just safety mechanisms so i don't fry the board. all the cables i tested didn't make the board light up like it should and the board doesn't appearer to be damaged at all(no burns, loose solders, or broken paths) as far as i can tell. now i am new to EE so i am somewhat ignorant but i wish to learn so ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated.thanx.
    (takes a breath)
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    Unfortunately, your new auction purchase may be DOA. It's not necessary that there be visible damage to the electronics or printed circuit board for this to occur. If you know somebody else that has a (working) power supply for it, I'd try that out first.
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    unfortunatly i dont have an official power supply. is there any kind of testing i can do. oh and when i pluged into the board i measured the voltage across all the poart pins on the board and every other one starting with #1 had 8 volts to it (using the 9v power supply) not sure if this helps.
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