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Smartest robot(humanoid)

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    Just curious,...

    what are some of the smartestes robot, humanoid on earth?
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    I'd say humanoid robots aren't vvery clever at all, and I'm referring to the designers trying to create something we don't really need.

    We already have robots designed to do stuff that is either too filthy, tedious or dangerous. Having a humanoid structure doesn't exactly help digging through smelly clogged pipes, assembling cars, or moving radioactive material, etc.

    Sure, it's cool with Asimo or whatever being able to shake people's hands and stuff, but does it solve any problems?

    Sorry for the rant, I know you were really asking for a list of clever bots, not my opinion :blushing:
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    I think we need to be careful about the use of the word "clever" (or "smart") in this situation, and question whether it's the robot which is being clever, or its creators.
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