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Smashing electrones

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    hey all new to the forums

    and i was wondering can you? if so what will happen is you smash electrones ?

    mike clarke
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    What do you mean specifically by smash? Electrons are elementary - they can't be broken up.
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    I was wondering , you know how when they collide particles in an accelerator that their kinetic energy can turn into mass , I know electrons are elementary particles but if we collided 2 electrons at near the speed of light could their kinetic energy give off new particles , but we would still retain the 2 electrons of course .
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    Smash electrons at what?

    LEP at CERN, before it was decommissioned to build the LHC, was an electron-positron collider.

    Electrons are also used to "smash" at stationary targets to produce x-rays in your doctor's office.

    You need to be a bit less vague with your question for the rest of us to answer what your question.

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    apologies for being so vague i was but basically this guy has the question i was meaning to try to ask..

    i am working on a theory about something that is quite puzzling to some and lots choose to just ignore and disbelieve.. basically how the "nazi bell" Could work and if it could..
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    Have you tried google? (electron-electron collision).
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    Re: smashing electrons

    ya but none of them answered the question.
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