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Sme help with Identification?

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    Hello guys, i am trying to identify the following non linear parameter varying system.
    Y_1(t_{i})}=\frac{Y_1(t_{i-1})+\Delta t.k_{1}.Y_2(t_{i-1})}{\left(1+\Delta.t.\left(k_{1}.Y_2(t_{i-1})+k_{2}.Y_3(t_{i-1})\right)\right)}


    Y_3(t_{i})=\frac{U_2(t_{i})}{\left1+\frac{M_2}{U_4(t_{i})}(\left a.k_{2}.Y_1(t_{i})+b.k_{4}.Y_2(t_{i})\right)\right}


    Does any body has an idea about the algorithm that can be used?
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    It seems that i din't write with .tex well, here is a pdf containing the model.

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