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News Smile No, don't

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    Note: "FrontRunner" = the commuter train that runs between Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah, which began operation last April.

    "Standard-Examiner" = the Ogden newspaper.

    Note the quote from the Utah Transit Authority spokesperson:

    I guess I was lucky that I didn't meet those criteria last summer.

    According to the chief of UTA police:

    Um... rail enthusiasts tend to be interested in "things associated with the operation of the system."

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    I once had a railroad police officer threaten to confiscate my camera, even though I was off-property. He argued that the raiload had privacy, and I was not entitled watch the switching in the yard or take pictures. Anyway, the real issue apparently was concern about investigators taking picture for liability.
    Wow - it seems a bit paraoid on the part of UTA/TSA.

    Off the train? What sensitive pictures would be taken on a train?!! RR photographers usually take pictures by the ROW -- outside of the train.

    It's certainly a different world since 9/11. Many photographers have been harrassed because the railroad, TSA or local law enforcement go overboard.

    In my case, I take pictures of tank cars, which of course often carry hazardous commodities.

    Railfans/photographers are a different breed of people. :biggrin:

    Hey JT, I'm sure you know about this site - http://www.rr-fallenflags.org/
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