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  1. I have always had trouble with switching over to advanced reply mode whenever I require a smiley, especially in GD, because it takes a bit more time. I don't want to study the codes either . Is there some way to integrate just the smileys along with the instant reply option ?
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  3. The smilies are very intuitive to learn :smile:

    In every case, except for the surprised smilie, the code starts with a colon : and ends with a :

    Note: the actual code does not include spaces.

    :smile: = : smile :
    :cry: = : cry :
    :confused: = : confused :
    :biggrin: = : biggrin :
    :tongue: = : tongue :
    :tongue2: = : tongue2 :
    :rofl: = : rofl :
    :cool: = : cool :

    That is about all you need to know :smile:

    To finish off a few more:

    :redface: = : redface :
    :mad: = : mad :
    :rolleyes: = : rolleyes :
    :surprised = : surprised (as I said this is the screwed up one)

    The rest I don't know :cry:
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    We need new smilies!
  5. That's a nice avatar, yomamma! :smile:
  6. Lisa!

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    People also need to know these :!!) :grumpy: :blushing: :devil: :uhh: ,
    eh I guess that depends to people's ages! :wink:

    You mean as a smilie?:bugeye:
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