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Smoke -- Which way is better?

  1. Mar 23, 2015 #1
    I have a silly problem: I live in a block of flats, and my neighbours who live one floor below me, always complains that I smoke tobacco. So I would like to reduce amount of smoke that reaches them. I have two ways, please tell me which one would be more effective:
    • I smoke inside, with opened ventilation.
    • I smoke outside(in a balcony), but their windows are opened.
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    What about the win/win approach - quit smoking?
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    You know, alerts on packages tells the same, smokers know what they do and the risks, I just don't want to argue with neighbours.
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    I'm surprised your neighbours beneath you can smell anything from your balcony. Either way you smoking inside with a few windows open would be best.
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    Well I asked whether it is possible to smell smokes when you are beneath, people said that when smoke gets cold it goes down, that's how it happens. I'm not sure if it is true.
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    My upstairs neighbors smoke and it kills me, and when the temperature outside is nice, I can't open my windows because all of their smoke is sucked into my place.
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    They smoke in a balcony?
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    So maybe smoking inside with opened windows would be the best solution
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    Cigarette smoke is one of those things that non-smokers can detect in very minute amounts. No matter where you are, they will probably detect it. Best you can do is reduce it.

    And because you're dealing with finicky air currents, you're going to find that it could behave completely differently from one building to the next, one direction to the next.

    What you could do is try a few things for your own illumination. Ask them for feedback. Try it one way for a week, and ask them how bad it was. Try it another way for a week and ask again.

    This may have the additional side-effect of showing to them that you're willing to adapt for the sake of their comfort.
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    It seems that you know how this thing works, so which way of these should be the best to try first? Or there is a third way?
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