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Smokey movies may get R rating

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    Ivan Seeking

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    http://www.ny1.com/ny1/content/index.jsp?stid=1&aid=69586 [Broken]

    If smoking scenes will demand an R rating as does violence and sex, then I assume that the person would have to be smoking an entire pack at once, blowing smoke from every orifice in their body, chomping on a bale of chew, and wearing a nicotine suit in order to qualify? :rofl:

    I tend to think that we have a lot more to worry about from [the entertainment industry] than smoking scenes. How about if they stop killing 100 people an hour or whatever it is that is broadcast to our children daily.
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    I know; seriously! We need to go more European on this.

    Speaking of which, has anyone seen the documentary This Film is not Yet Rated?
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    Defiantly even though it flopped, the movie Ultraviolet seriously had a bad case of cord wood syndrome (the body's were piling up like cord wood) and it only had a PG-13 rating. Well maybe there going along the line of thought that smoking kills.
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    What idiot came up with this idea, and why does our society allow them to still live?

    This is why we need public beatings on the steps of congress. (Rated PG13 -strong scenes of dumbassness)
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    if your kid is smoking just give them a good smack across the face for every cig they've ever smoked. that will teach them. :tongue2:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    This all reminds me of the folks who studied hospital language and decided that "strokes" should be called "brain attacks". Meanwhile, the hospital was short on respirators for babies.

    Sometimes a little sense of balance goes a long way.
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