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Smoking Compound

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    Hey guys! I just wanted to ask if any of you knew a compound thats easy (and affordable) to make at home that is relatively small that would produce smoke. This smoke is in no way meant to harm or otherwise maim someone I just needed a compound to put inside my smoke grenade to mask my movements in games outdoors. The smoke can be any color and thick and I need alot of it. The compund for it would be great if it could fit in a soup can and activated by fire, liquid (i.e. water vinegar or something). This needs to produce smoke for at least 20 seconds and no longer than several minutes. Thanks !!!!o:)
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    Well well finally boarding school pays off :smile:
    ok so im not sure what compound is involved or how long it lasts but i think it depends on how much you make.
    first of all you will need ping pong balls and aluminium foil (kitchen stuff is good), now cut up your ping pong balls into little pieces and wrap a handful of the pieces in one sheet of foil and squish it up until you get a ball with a little opening in the top (this is for the smoke to come out, i think it works well if you put a straw in here so that the smoke wont disturb the reaction). of course you can put as much ping ball extract in the foil as you like but remember this is a reaction and it needs to be in contact with the foil so alot wont react.

    Now for the smoke, take a flame underneath the foil and heat it until you start to see smoke then put it down and step back. voila smoke bomb and there will be alot of smoke so DO NOT DO THIS INDOORS again im not sure what this smoke is so it may be harmful so dont go throwing them at people either. you may need to experiment with a few before you get it right but it should be cheap and good fun.
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    Here is a great set of directions for a Potassium nitrate based smoke screen. You can get the Potassium Nitrate as "Stump Remover" at a hardware store. You can also buy the supplies from this same website:

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