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Smoking good for brain enhancement

  1. Jun 22, 2003 #1
    Some years earlier I read a book about brain enhancment, and of the many substances tested, it seemed that intake of nicotine had been the only one that actually IMPROVED test scores. Caffiene, one of the other substances tested, was not useful in this respect nor were many of the things traditionally thought to "boost" brain performance. I remembered this study, and was curious.

    Another thing I had noted over the years was that MANY psychics, if not ALL of them, smoke! Not only that, but the Native Americans used tobacco as a sort of "connector" to the psychic realms. For them, it was an act of communication with the Great Spirit. So, putting these ideas together, here are some questions and answers:

    Q: (L) Is smoking detrimental to any of our bodies?
    A: Not if mild. Not if mind is in right mode.
    Q: (L) Does smoking enhance psychic abilities?
    A: Yes.
    Q: (L) Is it true that the government program to stamp out smoking is inspired by controling the people?
    A: Yes because they know it may heighten psychic abilities.
    Q: (L) What is causing the lung cancer they are attributing to smoking?
    A: Mental conditioning and subliminal programming to expect it.
    Q: (L) So, it only happens if you are convinced that it can and must happen?
    A: Correct.
    Q: (L) Is there any particular brand of cigarettes to smoke?
    A: No.
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    i can see how possibly nicoteen could help boost test scores, maybe. but those questions are loaded. by asking them you are forcing us to agree that psychic powers are actual. which (IMO, and i'm sure the majority here on the PFs) they are not. you are then stretching a possible truth (a boost of test scores) into a conspiracy theory about psychic abilities and governmental brainwashing.
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    Oh, that is sad a about the people of PFs.
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    Yeah, there are some real wierdos here...
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    In time Scientists will discover that human beings have other senses, other abilities, but they will not be discovered yet for the scientist proceeds slowly and not always surely !

    Is Zero your imaginary friend ?
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    no offence but maybe we should wait for the scientists then.
    I would like also to levitate from time to time (that would be cool if you are in the middle of a crowd at a concert and can't see the stage), or to pour a glass of cold drinks from the refrigerator with my mind power, but taht's life....
    what do you mean not always surely?

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    Smoking decreases blood flow, and weakens blood flow in the brain. Hence, smoking decreases intellect.

    Also, there is a slight positive correlation between fitness and IQ, and since smoking decreases fitness, it can decrease IQ.
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    We all know the stodgy fellow who really plods on through life always trying and trying, and trying far harder then anyone else would but he never gets anywhere, he is always in a state of confusion, of uncertainty. When we overtax our brains we generate an excess charge of electricity that actually inhibits further thought !
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    this never happened to me....
    and I'm still confused about:
    anyway to answer the subject I don't think smoking is good for something else than filling your lungs with chemicals and maybe as a way to relax for those who are really into it.
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    BINGO !
  12. Jun 23, 2003 #11
    so relaxing is the KEY to enhance psychic abilities???
  13. Jun 23, 2003 #12
    You know, many of the greats -- the great inventors did not reach their greatest level of creativity by thinking about it. Many admit that their breakthrough came to consciousness on the edge of the dreamstate where their mind activity was slowed to such a point that they could invision or see the answer !

    You cannot expect clairvoyance where the mind is closed and sealed, where the mind is a constant jangle of ill-connected thoughts.

    No person would expect a garden to grow unless the seeds were planted in suitable ground. It would be most unusual for a beautiful rose to grow out of a granite rock.

    Surely with quietude amongst the present-day clutter of irrelevant thoughts and the constant blare of radio and television, you would be able to have the advantage. The best way for a speedy unfolding or growth is to, first, ~~ relax.

    Most people have no idea of what is meant by the word relax. They think if they slump in a chair that is good enough, but it is not. You cannot do better than to study a cat, see how the cat completely lets go. The cat will come in, turn around a few times, and then flop down into a more or less shapeless heap. The cat does not bother at all about wondering is a few inches of leg is showing, or if one is looking ungraceful; a cat comes in to rest, to relax, and relaxation is thus the only thought in the cat's mind. A cat can flop down and be instantly asleep.

    Probably everyone knows that a cat can see things which humans cannot. That is because the cat's perceptions are higher up on the vibrational level.
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    there is not a single psychic claim which science has not been able to debunk. and when you concentrate really hard (no matter how hard) you can never make your thoughts be manifested. go on, try it. it is impossible.

    no, cats have a higher awareness because they have a more developed brain in some key areas than we do.
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    Pop quiz. Why is smoking bad?

    1. Nicotine. The nicotine itself is a poison. It damages the brain. A side effect of this damage is the way it brings on addiction. Hence if you smoke for a while, obviously you would get better results while smoking since you will be suffering from withdrawal symptoms if you do not. The "relaxation" effect of this is due to this poisoning action on your brain cells.
    2. Tar. Do you know what tar is? Sticky, nasty stuff. No amount of psychology will stop in collection in your lungs, and no amount will stop it causing cancer.

    To think of it as to do with the mind is naive.

    True. Funny enough, you seem to be alot better at having psychic "visions" when you have just taken a hallucinogenic drug. Wonder if there's a connection... :wink:

    I somehow miss the accounts of floating carts etc in Medieval England...

    Notice this. Almost everyone who died of lung cancer died because they did not stop, since they didn't think they would get lung cancer. If they expected lung cancer, they would have stopped already.

    This program is brought to you by Camel Cigarettes...

    I suggest you actually know what you are talking about before you embarrase yourself again. For while you pretend to be open minded, you are in fact closed minded in the worst way, intentionally ignorant of the progress represented by science. It seems you prefer delusions to real work, a quick buck to proof and substance. Think hard about what you really want.

    No we don't. We know the fellow who created the world you live in, the computer you work on, most likely is the reason why you are alive today. Don't you even look out of the window occassionally to see where these stodgy fellows have wrought? What world are you really living in?

    There are no breakthroughs. There are only hurdles, milestones and flashes of fortune, which are raised out of statistical insignificant from the multitude of failed "insights". For thousands of years, alchemists did not think. For thousands of years, mankind was at a standstill, nudged occasionally by random guesses. And then, only with the age of reason did we really start moving.

    As yours are. Real scientists do not need clairvoyance. Real scientists realise the ill-connectedness of the thoughts, and work to peice them together. You don't get anywhere by hiding from the jigsaw puzzle.

    Real scientists do not seal themselves in ivory towers, but notice the real world, televisions and all. The televisions they made, as a matter of fact.

    Show me the way to catopia, if you want to prove this higher intelligence of cats stuff. (In fact, in what we consider normal conditions, the cat's eyesight in particular is much inferior to ours. For instance, cat's can't see COLOUR)
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    How would I know the difference?
    Bears repeating. One minor quibble: I don't think he's pretending. Some people just don't understand what "open minded" really means.
  17. Jun 24, 2003 #16
    Nicotine is a mild stimulant -- it mimics acetylcholine, an excitatory neurotransmitter, at some receptors (the aptly-names 'nicotinic' ones. :smile: )

    It does increase brain performance; this is well-established and I have seen studies on it. (can dig them up if anyone really wants.) However, I saw something recently which found that long-term smoking had a negative effect. So it probably doesn't last.

    I'm almost certain caffeine has similar positive effects, though. I *know* stronger psychostimulants, such as amphetamine, do.
  18. Jun 24, 2003 #17
    Nicotine may be a brain-stimulant, but I'm sure tharet are better ways to use it than smoking....I mean don't make those around you use it too:frown:
    and maybe there are other better stimulants...
  19. Jun 24, 2003 #18
    I may or may not be imaginary...but I hope by showing Russ some truth, h I am being a friend to him.

    He may see it differently, of course.

    And, of course, I would NEVER suggest he start smoking to increase his psychic abilities.
  20. Jun 25, 2003 #19
    It does not embarrass me to explore different ideas or thoughts than you may have for yourself and your Earth life.

    Men of Science once did believe in the magical realms but they were given a choice and they took it. That does not mean it is not still there.

    The foundation of the Universe is material, but the essence of life is spirit.

    Matter -- Energy

    For these are but diverse manifestations of the same cosmic reality. Matter may appear to manifest inherent energy and to exhibit self-contained powers, but the lines of gravity involved in the energies concerned in all physical scientific phenomena are derived from, and are dependent on, the 'first' form of energy as its nucleus ~ spirit. Sure, scientists can clone the human body but can they give it a soul ?

    The Medicine Men were the first human beings to be exempted from physical toil because they were the pioneer professional class (dealing with energy). The Smiths were a small group who competed with the Medicine Men as magicians. Their skill in working with metals (dealing with matter) made the people afraid of them.

    The 'white smiths' and the 'black smiths' gave origin to the early beliefs in white and black magic. And this belief later became involved in the superstition of good and bad ghosts, good and bad spirits.

    Smiths were the first nonreligious group to enjoy privileges. They were regarded as neutrals during war and this extra leisure led to their becoming, as a class, the politicians or primitive society. But through gross abuse of these privileges, the Smiths became universally hated and the Medicine Men lost no time in fostering hatred for their competitors.

    In this first contest between science and religion, religion (superstition) won. After being driven from the villages, the Smiths maintained the first Inns, public loginghouses, on the outskirts of towns.

    Eventually, religious ideas became compromises of spiritual knowledge. There was a great battle for truth then, just as there is today. The Roman Empire was the ruling order of the day; it purpose ws the unification of two powerful forces:

    the management of spirit and the governing of existence.

    The Christian Church, incorporated into the Roman Empire, began its tyranny of our minds by doling out spiritual truths and those in authority then began to change history by rewriting the books.

    The management of minds became dominant in order to rule the souls, spirits, and energies of the people and a shift occurred from whole-brain thinking, which valued intellect and intuition -- to intellectual thinking only.

    At the beginning of the Middle Ages, new ideas were brought forth. An awakening of consciousness was occurring once again. However, before this new freedom of thought could take hold, there was the eruption of darkness -- The Inquisition -- which was filled with killing and destruction.

    If you did not think according to what was correct, you were taken in the night and killed. Men of Science lived in fear of knowing secrets and of breaking the rules. There were very few who would stand forward and speak their truth. They were relegated to only those things of a physical nature and not allowed to explore other realms of existence.

    So, they gladly took what was offered them and moved into their physical confinement by giving over the power of thinking about the great mysteries of the mind and spirit. Indeed, for human beings to have been sold such limitation and made complacent or be burned at the stake delineated each with a separate existence as Descartes and Darwin defined -- a life as isolated, compartmentalized, significant of itself perhaps, yet a marvel of meaningless wonder.

    A mass marketing of separation took hold, not only separating us from the nucleus of energy but from Nature as well, achieving the complete control of minds. But the great thing about the game of life is that we do exist outside of time and we see what has slipped between the cracks of the history books.

    Inner knowledge and ideas come with their own lesson which is the entire purpose of the experience of living. Many challenges of the ages resurrect themselves today in our day-to-day living which contribute to closed minds accepting a worldview. But there are, always have been, and always will be those who are open to change the agreed mode of living.

    As much as the Church wanted to burn heretics like Galileo and Copernicus who dared to challenge its ideas, they did not burn Columbus because they could not make the roundness of the world go away.

    You say we should think hard about what we really want. Having decided what we want, we then come to stage two.

    What are we going to give ?
  21. Jun 25, 2003 #20
    yes, and they also believed the earth was flat, and that the best way to cure somebody would be to bleed them.

    prove it.

    you're commiting the error that hundreds before you have commited by thinking of energy as a mystical element. it is as physical as its equilalent in matter.

    if we cloned a person and didn't tell you which is which, i promise you that you cannot tell the difference.

    the "magic" that these men created was nothing greater than explosions caused by combustable material.

    do you mean what is science going to give humanity? look around, buddy! everything you have was made possible by science! and if you're asking about things beyond the physical, science offers that too: truth. a nothing but it.
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