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Smoky 3D complex network analysis that evolves in time

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    Does anyone know of any tools/graphs that show relationships in networks in a more "smoky" form that evolves in time? Preferably that correlates with spatial location though not necessarily to a map.


    This is a "normal" picture and not what I am looking for, rather something for which the nodes can change in size/representation as they change in real life. For example if you mapped the geospatial position persons in an organization to their physical location in a country at various offices across the country in real time or the change in position of molecules in two interacting gases as the various chains and bonds between the molecules shifted and recombined to form new ones?

    Also something less linear like this:


    I think for me it would help to visualize the more qualitative aspects of a process. Hopefully this question makes sense.
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    I'm interested in this as well. Displaying geospatial data can be tricky when you have more than one coordinate associated with an entity or event where the coordinates represent different times or relationships. Configuring the relationships between various sets of data can be a nightmare if the data sets aren't normalized with respect to each other.
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