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Smolin: Falsifiable Predictions from QG

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    just out today:


    Falsifiable predictions from semiclassical quantum gravity
    Lee Smolin
    9 pages

    "Predictions are derived for the upcoming AUGER and GLAST experiments from a semiclassical approximation to quantum gravity. It is argued that to first order in the Planck length the effect of quantum gravity is to make the low energy effective spacetime metric energy dependent. The diffeomorphism invariance of the semiclassical theory forbids the appearance of a preferred frame of reference, consequently the local symmetry of this energy-dependent effective metric is a non-linear realization of the Lorentz transformations, which renders the Planck energy observer independent. This gives a form of deformed or doubly special relativity (DSR), previously explored with Magueijo, called the rainbow metric. The argument is general, and applies in all dimensions with and without supersymmetry, and is, at least to leading order, universal for all matter couplings. The argument is illustrated in detail in a specific example in loop quantum gravity.
    A consequence of DSR realized with an energy dependent effective metric is a helicity independent energy dependence in the speed of light to first order in the Planck length. However, thresholds for Tev photons and GZK protons are unchanged from special relativistic predictions. These predictions of quantum gravity are falsifiable by the upcoming AUGER and GLAST experiments."
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    I just scanned this paper. He asserts that planck length physics modifies, but does not truly violate, the Lorentz transforrmations to produce DSR. The difference is a subtle one, and he discusses it carefully. The LTs pick up a nonlinearity.
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