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Smooth latex

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    What makes some of the latex appear smoother than other? In that thread hellfire has smoother latex, than Tipi has.
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    D H

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    Tipi centered his equations. hellfire did not. Other than that, I don't see any difference (Safari and Firefox).
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    I didn't pay attention to that. But that must be a different thing. Usually all latex appears like the Tipi's one (but on the left), and not as smooth as the hellfire's latex. Is hellfire doing something differently, or is that some special feature for only some members?
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    D H

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    What do mean by "smooth", and what browser are you using? Other than the fact that one is centered and one is not I don't see any qualitative difference.
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    Sorry, I didn't understand. I'm using Firefox on Ubuntu linux, and I checked that with Opera I see the same thing. The hellfire's latex has some kind of anti-aliasing, that I haven't seen elsewhere.
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    Same here. Hellfire's appears "softer" and Tipi's more "ragged/jagged." Maybe a screenshot could help.
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    I don't think its a special feature for select members. The difference is minimal as far as I can see. As for why it is like that, I do not know. I think if anyone would know it would be chroot.
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    The older post has anti-aliased graphics.
    My guess is that there was a difference in the internal rendering settings [for ghostscript, probably] at the time of each post.
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    Can we make it the default -- I think it looks rather nice...
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    D H

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    It's a schroedinbug! I swear the integral signs in hellfire's and Tipi' s posts appeared to be identical the first time I looked at this thread. Now that jostpuur saw a difference, everyone can (incuding me).
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    hellfire's post is from 02-08-2005, when there was a different (and more resource-hungry) LaTeX generator used on this site. The engine currently in use is MimeTeX; I don't remember what the old one was called.

    The same change happened to MathWorld a year or so ago, too.
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