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Smooth section in principal bundle

  1. Sep 8, 2009 #1

    I have the following problem: Let P be a principal bundle over a manifold M, p: P -> M. Let G be the lie group acting on P from the right. Now let U be an open set on M and

    s : U -> P

    a smooth section. Now it has been said that we can define a local trivialization of P by

    t : p^{-1}(U) -> U x G, t( s(x)*g ) = (x,g)

    It is clear to me that t is well-defined, bijective and that the inverse t^{-1} given by

    t^{-1}(x,g) = s(x)*g

    is smooth. What I do not understand is why t itself is smooth. Can somebody help?

    Thanks, Sperber
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