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Homework Help: Snells Law help

  1. Apr 26, 2007 #1
    A certain kind of glass [tex]n_blue[/tex] = 1.650 for blue light and [tex]n_red[/tex] = 1.610 for red light. If a beam of white light (containing all colors) is incident at an angle of 30.0 degrees, what is the angle between the red and blue light inside the glass?

    I use the Snell's equation:


    Hmm... I got 0.22 degrees. Is that correct?

    I have another simple conceptual question:

    An ideal gas is confined to a container with adjustable volume. The pressure and mole number are constant. By what factor will volume change if absolute temperature triples?

    I guess it is 3 times the volume... or is it 1/3 the volume?

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    Do things expand or contract when they get hot ? If you take an empty plastic bottle with the cap firmly on from a warm room and put it in the fridge, what happens ?
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    Oh yes, Volume is directly proportional to Temperature in this case, Thanks. 3 times the Volume then.
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    Can anybody confirm with me for the first question I posted? Thanks.
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    I can't see how you got 0.22 degrees. Can you show what you got for theta(red) and theta(blue)?
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