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Snobish teahcers and snobish journal .

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    snobish teahcers and snobish journal.....

    I hate those snob people who don,t wnat to publish your work only becuase your name is nt steven weinberg and similar i have tried in more thant 20 journals and sending to teachers but i had n response..how arrogance they are¡¡...i hate snobish people at least einstein and others were given a chance to publish...sometimes i wish i was a physicist in their time to become famous..becuase nowadays with these snobish people is imposible.
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    people always tend to hold on to he old theories. Just look at Newton, copernicus, darwin and galileo!
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    Re: snobish teahcers and snobish journal.....

    While I agree that some journals tend to be more protective of the orthodoxy than others, there comes a point where you have to question the validity of the work (especially if "20 journals" have rejected it).

    Einstein was given a chance to publish because his ideas were mathematically sound, confirmed by others (Planck, Mach, etc...), and ultimately proved experimentally verifiable (photoelectric effect). If your work (which is what?) promises similar results then perhaps there is a biasing problem going on in the system.

    Why don't you post your ideas to the "Theory Development" section so you can get some feedback from forumers (some of whom are teachers, professors, and journal referees).
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    Thanks for replying and by the way a direct link to theory development forum?..please.

    In fact is almost imposible journals do not wnat unknown author,s works and sending to teachers is useless they don,t response.... although perhaps my theories are useless i am feeling depressed phsycis and maths are interseting but very difficult :< and in arxiv.org you must have an e-mail account in your univesity or else won,t accept you....
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    The TD forum is a sub-forum of the general physics forum. The link is at the top of that page.

    Be prepared for harsh honesty in there though - we can probably tell you exactly what a journal might take exception to and it may not be pleasant to hear. But if you take heed, it will help you better explore your ideas.
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    Re: snobish teahcers and snobish journal.....

    That is not why a paper does not get published. If you send an article to a journal you can request that your paper be sent anonymously to the referee. That way they won't know if you're Steven Weinberg or Steven Wright. Your paper will then be based solely on its merits. It will be impossible for the ref to know it you're "unknown" or not and the editor usually goes by what the refs suggest. If it comes back highly recommended then the editor will in all likelyhood publish it. In fact I see no reason to assume that a journal wouln't. One of the former editors of a well known and highly respected physics journal is a close personal friend of mine and I know that he wouldn't reject and article which refs highly recommended.
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    I will say you that more than 10 of these snobish journals give me no answer so i think they did not even read the paper.....perhaps i will never be famous due to people in science tends to be snob i think i have solved the Pi(x) fucntion in number theory (see theory development) but of course noone wants to read it to see my work , i finally got to publish it at arxiv.org but this does not help much .

    Others jorunals replied my letter yes but with the standard polite letter "we thank you so much.....do not give up " and so on so this shows they did not read my work...that,s why i say snobish teachers and snobish journals...
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    Are you submitting your work in English or another language?

    I don't want to be insulting, but if you are submitting to a Science Journal that publishes in English, your grammar, spelling and usage needs to be better than I am seeing in your posts (if English is a second language to you and you are submitting in your native tongue, disregard this response. Your English is fine for this forum).

    Your ideas will be taken more seriously if your language usage is correct.
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