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Snooker balls - Problem def & Solution

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    Problem Definition: In a set of n snookerballs, all of the same standard weight, there is one ball of non-standard weight.

    Using a Scale Balance, find the non-standard ball with minimum number of trials- Provide a formula for the proof.
    Snookerball Problems - Solution:

    1.one non-standard – but of known relative weight -Identify non-standard :

    Solution: Quantity = 3 (to power n), or less; Trials=n.

    2.One non-standard ball- of unknown relative weight; find and identify relative (heavier or lighter) weight ?:

    Solution: Qty = ( 3(power n) + 3(n-1) + 3 (n-2) …… 3(2) + 3(1) ) or less; Trials = n +1.

    What about problem when there are TWO non-standard balls...

    Gautam Pandya
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