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News Snopes may be shutting down

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    Not looking good.


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    Looks to be the stuff of a nightmare.
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    The letter to readers (via https://www.savesnopes.com) says this is merely a problem with web site hosting, with the vendor holding the site hostage. However if this were the only problem, it could be solved - temporarily, for sure, and possibly permanently if necessary - by moving the editorial content to a new URL with a different hosting service and simply letting readers know of the change. It might be painful and disruptive to lose the old URL, but it would certainly seem feasible. (EDIT - see @jtbell's comment #4, below)

    Whereas the lawsuit mentioned in the Yahoo story states that there's a dispute over who owns Snopes as a business - a lot bigger problem and likely one that can't be solved simply by moving shop to a new URL. Apparently it's in the works for Snopes to provide content screening services to Facebook, which could mean money. So who is going to get the money seems to be the bone of contention.
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    If they own the domain name (i.e. it's registered in the name of their organization) and have access to their domain registrar's control panel, they can change their DNS to point the domain name to a new site on a different hosting service.

    If they own the domain name but only the current web-hosting service has access to the domain registrar's control panel, then they can appeal to the registrar and/or ICANN to regain control of it.

    This sort of situation is why it's commonly recommended to buy domain registration and web hosting services from separate providers.
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    It's nice to see that they've exceeded their $500,000 fundraising goal in only 24 hours.
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    Seems like there is some dispute as to who actually owns the site:
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