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Snow joke

  1. Jan 24, 2007 #1
    Overnight we had 1 inch of snow : hurrah snow ball fight!

    But low and behold this morning the trains were all late, does anyone else have this problem, in my country if there are leaves on the line, the entire rail network cannot function?

    We get all the excuses, it was the wrong type of snow, the leaf blowers couldn't get out in time to blah, blah. I was an hour late for work this morning, because the companies making huge profits don't seem to see the need to invest in de-icers etc.:rolleyes:

    What do you think: is this the responsibility of the rail company who's just incidently raised prices way above inflation, or should we just put up with a crappy service? After all the shareholders are happy.:wink:
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    Yea exactly the same here! I live in london (uk). where do you live?
    I hate it so much when the trains mess up because i take them to get to school, and it takes me 45minutes as it is with the 20mins on the train, when they arent working we have to take extra buses which can take up to an hour!
    I think we should get the rail company to do something about it, it's deffinitely their responsibility. We should never have let them privatise the train lines and other public transports.
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    Portsmouth(UK) I noticed their were signal problems coming from london today particularly London Victoria, as well as the obvious catastrophe that a thin layer of snow and cold weather causes, it's a real annoyance, especially after the price hike, invest in some cold weather measures please. Instead of giving you CEO's masssive wage hikes.
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    Silly Brits. You all should be driving SUV's.

    More global warming = no train delays.
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    I think I made my point clear about how I feel about SUV's on the other thread :smile: This year has been so warm this is the first time it's fallen close to or below freezing in my neck of the woods.
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    My favorite excuse I was given for the cancelling of the train service was "I'm sorry, sir, but the wrong type of leaves have fallen on the line." I didn't know there existed such a thing as a type of leaf!

    Also, whenever it gets cold in Manchester, then trams stop running and their excuse is that the power lines have frozen!
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    I'll never forget the time they had a rather unexpected over night leaf accumulation, the train was trying as hard as it could to move, but because the leaves had reduced the traction so much we ended up going at 5-10mph for most of the journey. :bugeye:
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    Bloody hell, you guys are wimps! If we get just one inch of snow in Alberta, we go on a picnic.
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    Thats telling 'em :rofl:
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    Really! If we get one inch of snow, it's time to get out in the garden and plant the garlic. I you wait until there's a foot or more, you may have missed garlic-planting time. :tongue2:
  12. Jan 24, 2007 #11
    Tell that to the rail companies, apparently it creates chaos? I love snow, but the trials of transport I could do without.

    Daffodils isn't it :smile:
  13. Jan 24, 2007 #12
    Man you are really procrastinating on your planting schedule, you put garlic in the ground during the first week of October (it snows here in November). Then cover the stuff after a good watering or two. It makes for a good root system in the fall so it has a head start in spring.
  14. Jan 25, 2007 #13
    Well I was reading an article in a London free newspaper and the Rail companies have said this often happens in extreme weather, apparently a light dusting of snow is considered extreme :smile: Also the underground said they were aware from the met office that temperatures could fall, but did not see the risk as great enough to do anything about it:rolleyes: you're earning your 200 grand obviously, you just lost your company a few million in revenue, because you didn't think the meteorological office were right:yuck: silly man.
  15. Jan 25, 2007 #14
    tell the english private train system. Onmy they really wont care because they're just in it to make as much money as they can, and they dont want to risk breaking one of their prehistoric trains because then they would have to spend money on new ones, when that money could be better off in their personal bank acounts.
  16. Jan 25, 2007 #15
    Part of the problem at least with SW trains is the trains are so ridiculously expensive(the trains are leased from a seperate body) We have to pay a resultantly high fare. So much for ecouraging people onto public transport, we have one of the most expensive in the world. :rolleyes:
  17. Jan 25, 2007 #16
    yea lol, and then they tell us we should take public transport into central london rather than pay the £8 congestion charge, but if you are an adult comming from zone 6 then it costs the same or even more than that! so we might as well use the car.
  18. Jan 25, 2007 #17
    It's a conundrum alright :smile:
  19. Jan 25, 2007 #18
    they should do what they did in, san fransisco?, i cant remember exactly where, but they have a tram that is free, and runs over n under land. I need to look that one up again, i know i did it as a case study for geography last year. I know it doesnt crete noise pollution...
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    ala Simpsons:biggrin:
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