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Snow White : Minor Spoiler

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    WARNING: minor spoiler

    OK, if I were the Queen, I'd be firing my personal guards.

    Huntsmen is on his knees in front of her, under sword-point by a half dozen of her finest personal guards.

    Manages to bury his dagger to the hilt in her kidney while her guards look on.

    The guards brandish their weapons even more, and say: "HEY! You mortally stab the queen ONE MORE TIME and we kill ya, ya hear?"
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    :smile: This reminds me of that joke where the regional bad guy kills this other guy's wife and family. When the guy finally catches up to the bad guy he admonishes him with, "You better watch that stuff!!"
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    Hee. Your joke sounded like it was shaping up like this one.
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    :smile: That's a good one.
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