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Snug Fit

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    What is a Snug Fit?
    Where is it used?

    I have come across slip fit, press fit.....
    But not snug fit.

    Please explain.

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    "Snug" comes up under the locational clearance (LC) class of fits and limits.

    As per Machinery's Handbook:
    "Snug" is a bit of a dangerous word to use because it can mean different things to different people. To me, "snug" means a clearance fit that is just slightly over line-to-line. I use this kind of fit for something like a guide pin that locates the cover of a gearbox. In the gearbox, the pin is pressed into the case, but has a very slight clearance fit to allow removal and installation of the cover while still keeping a pretty good control over the cover's location.
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    I had no idea that there were different classes of fits. Cool.
    It seems that you use 'snug' pretty much as I do. To me, it's something that can be assembled or disassembled with moderate manual effort using no tools, such as the adjustment nut on a pair of pliers or the cover plate on a clockwork mechanism.
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    Generally goes as:

    Sliding fit = it can slide in out
    Snug fit = you can push it in by hand
    Interference fit = you can put it in with a press
    Hammer fit = slightly optomistic Interference fit
    <insert your company name> fit = doesn't fit at all.
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