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News So, any guesses as to when Kerry's VP pick will be announced?

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    Is the conventional wisdom that it will be around 2 weeks or less before the convention?
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    When doesn't matter- WHO is the question.
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    Who is the important question, but I've heard enough talk about that, and I just want to know when I'll know who.
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    Perhaps in a week or two.

    As for the VP nomination, since we're just guessing I'll go with John Edwards. Hillary came to mind but I don't know if she's qualified.
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    I'm going out on more of a limb than anyone and guessing not only the CP pick, but the slogan. Apparently, John Kerry has gone through alot of slogans and none have stuck, there was even a segment on Hardball about this where they had a specialized slogan analyst come on... Anyway, I say Kerry chooses Tom Vilsack, as for the slogan, something powerful, something simple, something direct, and something that will catch people's attention. I say they choose "Sack attack".
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    http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=694&u=/ap/20040621/ap_on_el_pr/kerry_11&printer=1 [Broken]
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    I would bet he'll announce it sometime around 3:00 in the afternoon. I can't begin to guess the day, but I feel very good about 3:00 in the aftenoon.

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    I think that Kerry will wait to announce the VP until the last possible moment (the convention) or if he needs to get the media going between now and then. Currently Bush is busily having problems, so Kerry doesn't want to draw attention away from it.
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    Lol, everytime Kerry draws attention to himself his ratings fall. I'm sure he's praying that he doesn't have to draw attention away from "it".
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    For VP especially, qualifications are irrelevant. If she does get picked, it'll be because she's popular. If she doesn't, it'll be because she's unpopular.
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