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So bad, its good

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    Cyrus and his amazing girls :X
    How stupid this movie is.
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    What, you don't like Xena and Zena from san bernardina?

    I could soo see Evo in this with sweatpants and big hair :rofl:
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    Awesome style!
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    :grumpy: :devil: :mad:


    CYRUS BANNED. :devil:
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    Based on your reaction, I *KNOW* you have pics wearing sweatpants with the over-sized sunglasses and the hair.

    Don't feel bad, it was the 80's. I'm sure Zz has fotos from that same era wearing shorts that start at his waist and end 5 inches down. (Not even Magnum PI could pull those short shorts off like that, what were people thinking?) <shudder>

    Man, Mr. T is awesome. Period.
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