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So Bored

  1. May 31, 2007 #1
    So Bored....

    I can't pick up a book, I can't play music, I don't even want to listen to music. I can't even watch TV or play video games. I work 6/7 days a week at my two jobs. But I still get most evenings off. That's when I get bored.

    Boredom's always been my great nemesis, I remember back in elementary school I was like this already, I'd have these dry spells when I seem to have no motivation, everything seems pointless. I even did an Art Project on being bored back in grade 7. I think it was 7.

    Yup. I'm bored. I need a hobby.
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  3. May 31, 2007 #2
    Get a woman in your life, a strong willed woman.
    you will never be bored again.

    (you will just wish you were)
  4. May 31, 2007 #3
    Hmm, now if only women liked me.
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    How can you be bored? Have you not heard of teh internets?
  6. May 31, 2007 #5
    Yeah if you have the internet you can't be bored. Porn!!!
  7. May 31, 2007 #6
    join the high-school I went to. all the girls there loved bored, unmotivated guys :biggrin:
  8. May 31, 2007 #7
    Why don't you try out your favourite sport? You could join some club for amateurs perhaps. That's what I am doing for my summer hols, and I'm glad to say that I am enjoying my stint.
  9. May 31, 2007 #8
    I am in the same position smurf. Except, I don't work, so I have all day long to be bored. I think I will second the idea of arunbg, and suggest doing some sports and/or working out. I started working out a few weeks ago, and that helps kill some time. Watch some more episodes of bull**** :smile: (http://www.veoh.com/ and http://www.tv-links.co.uk/show.do/1/1919 [Broken] ) Though I must admit, the more I watch the show, the more I seem to hate what is going on in our world.
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    :rolleyes: how about H?
  11. May 31, 2007 #10
    It doesn't necessarily have to be a woman. :)
  12. May 31, 2007 #11
    Play Desktop Tower Defense or pick a sport and play every day.
  13. May 31, 2007 #12
    I'm bored in the lab right now... hehe, I need a 10 minutes break.
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  15. May 31, 2007 #14
    come' on, man, there are kids that visit PF. :biggrin:
  16. May 31, 2007 #15
    Ok, to help you : click on the "ALSO, WHO CAN DO THIS" link in my signature. This will give you something useful to do.

  17. May 31, 2007 #16
    just 21 days ago, i felt the same n there came a girl who says she loves me.
    n believe me dude, i m much more boring then u may ever think of.. so gettin in love shd not be a bad start. go get urself a love n u ever wont b bored again
  18. May 31, 2007 #17
    Unfortunately I only like women.
    Don't worry, I got it.
    Can some people not do that or something?
  19. May 31, 2007 #18
    So you're bored. Lay on the couch and throw a ball at the cieling. Sleep more. Fully experience the boredom for all it's worth. Then when you are bored of being bored, go do something more useful with your time. Focus on being as bored as possible and you'll get through it quicker. It should leave you with the proper appreciation and respect for boredom. Ya have to be busy ALL the time? I can eat a peach for hours.
  20. May 31, 2007 #19
    That was awesome.
  21. May 31, 2007 #20
    Yes, I'm the Lewis and Clark of boredom. I can turn eating a peach into an epic adventure. However, I haven't received any recent grants for hopeful expeditions. Lewis and Clark were more well funded than I am. The point is to enjoy the smaller things in life for all they have to offer.

    Umm, I didn't really mean that. :redface:
  22. May 31, 2007 #21
    Yes, YOU !!!

  23. May 31, 2007 #22
    but i did it, it was easy.
  24. May 31, 2007 #23
    this is going to sound lame, but excercise. if you are somewhat young, and not severely overweight, run. And don't just jog, run. Its great.

    There really is something called a runner's high and I get it all the time. Sometimes I'll start smiling like an idiot on the treadmill and people look at me like i'm crazy.
  25. Jun 1, 2007 #24
    dude i just got it,
    keep on posting on PF,
    you wont ever get bored.
    daa, how come i never get bored?? gotta learn it fast

    exercise really aint a solution for boredom, u ll get bored of exercising
  26. Jun 1, 2007 #25


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    Most definitely.

    Get to know Smurfette, and everything will turn in a better direction. :wink:

    I'm in a similar situation myself, btw. :uhh:
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