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So confused

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    KIAs bf has had a massive heart attack, they are due to be wed in 14 weeks time, i mean the guy does not smoke or drink, what the hey is going on, what can i do to help, i do not know how to help
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    become an organ donor, quick. Otherwise just be there and be sympathetic.
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    Wanker, this is serious, i do now what to do, please honest responses only.
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    What's his physical condition? Do you know if his family has a history of heart attacks? Does he suffer from stress?
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    read the second half of my post. That's about all you can do.
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    Sounds like dedicated medical threatment is the only option. Isn't it? Other than that as suggested, support him and her with everything you can. Perhaps try to distract their attention with other things.
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    Sorry to hear that Wolram.

    I don't there is much that one can do other than be supportive. I presume the man is relatively young and not being one who smokes or drinks, that then leaves diet, exercise and stress as variables, or some cardiac malfunction.

    If the heart attack is due to blockage (cholesterol/plaque) then presumably he would have a by-pass operation. Then a change in diet, with more exercise and less stress may be in order.

    If it is due to a problem of the sinoatrial node then he would get a pacemaker.

    I think all that one can do at this point is be a supportive dad.
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    Still, there is one more thing. It's not well known that heart attacks at young age may be caused by a deficiency in the metabolism to deal with homocysteine / methionine


    It might be an idea to suggest folic acid additions with other vitamin B right now(harmless) and inquire if the docter considers a methionine blood test to exclude this condition.

    Happened all to me. that's why I had to quit flying.
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    Do they know yet what caused the heart attack? Did he have plaque in his arteries? You can be genetically predisposed to factors that put you at high risk for heart attack even if you lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Other than making sure he follows his doctor's advice and takes all medications as prescribed and encourage him to take any medical treatments suggested, that's about all you can do, other than be supportive.

    Please tell Kia I am thinking of her and her fiance and hope that all goes well.
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    Sorry to hear about that, Woolie.
    This might be off-base, since I don't know the personalities of the people involved, but it might be beneficial to distract attention away from the impending nuptials. From being involved with several dozen over the years, I can say for sure that they can be incredibly stressful to the participants, no matter how smooth things look from the outside. Make sure the guy knows that his health is more important than a schedule.
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    Nothing to worry about.
    He know his wedding is coming soon so he would fix his heart himself :smile:
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    I'm so sorry to hear about this, Wollie! Send my best wishes for a speedy recovery to him, and a huge hug to Kia to help her get through this stress! I guess the main thing is just to be there and let them know you will help if they need help. The rest will likely depend on what the docs say...what caused it, how quickly he will heal, if there's anything else to be done for it, etc. If he has a long, slow recovery, they may want to change the wedding plans to something quieter, or postpone for another date, or maybe even move it up earlier...you never know how two people will respond to an experience like this. So, you may just have to help them out with sorting out those schedules and planning and contacting guests and friends and such to take the stress off them as a couple...surely the stress of planning or rescheduling a wedding isn't going to help him with his recovery.
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