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So damn lost

  1. Oct 27, 2005 #1
    ..I was wanting to do astronomy, but now I'm not so sure at all. I have no real problems with my other physics and maths classes, but the astronomy classes that my uni run are so bad. The only information you have to go on is the lecturers badly written and ambiguous powerpoint presentations. He doesn't make an effort to try and teach the students if they want to learn, and he also doesn't give any recommendations for texts that explain astronomy concepts well. I mean the whole class struggles and I've got a good mark in comparison to some of the others, but that doesn't really mean much. The uni library doesn't stock any decent textbooks either. I still find it really interesting, but the units have been really demoralising. I really have no frickin clue anymore and also the lecturers generally tell us that when we choose our final year project it should be something that involves our desired field of study. I guess I will take one last stab at it, but I just can't believe how depressing it has been taking this class. It's kind of made me feel unworthy of wanting to study astronomy...if that makes any sense? Have any of you just stuck with what you wanted to do even though you might have had doubts as to whether or not you could do it?
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