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Homework Help: So easy, and yet so hard

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    so easy, and yet so hard....

    I have a really easy problem in my chemestry class, bot somehow, i can't seem to come out with the right answer.... well, here it is...(by the way, i don't know how to write out the sub-scripts...)

    Nitric acid is used in the production of trintrolune (tnt), an explosive.
    C7 H8 +3 HNO3 ---->C7 H5 N3 06 + 3 H2O
    tolune TNT
    How much TNT can be made from 46 kegs of toluene?

    :confused: =me
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    Normally, only [tex]C_2H_5OH[/tex] comes measured in kegs (of course, it's normally diluted by some other indredients when it comes by the keg). Do you mean kilograms?

    If so, you need to divide the mass by the molar mass of your substance to find out how many moles of [tex]C_7H_8[/tex] you have (since nitric acid is cheap, you can add however much you need).

    I imagine your answer is supposed to be measured in kilograms, as well. Same as the first, but in the opposite direction. Multiply the number of moles of TNT by the molar mass.
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    thanks, that really helps! :biggrin:
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