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Homework Help: So embarrassed

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    :frown: I don't remember how to do this x^(2/3)=4 solve for x Do you use logarithm or something?
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    I'm gonna try my best to explain. Whenever you have a fractional exponent, that is another way of talking about a radical...

    The "3" in the denominator of the fraction is what "root" your radical will be:

    Ex. square root of 2 = 21/2
    cubed root of 2 = 21/3

    now, the numerator is what power "X" is going to be:

    Ex. square root of 21 = 21/2
    cubed root of 22 = 22/3

    That should hopefully get you started in the right direction.....
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    After reading what you said I did the following.

    wrote x^2 with the third root around it and made it equal 4.

    I then took the square root of 4 to get rid of the square sign on x

    I then cubed the 2 and got 8

    After pugging the 8 into x^(2/3) I got 4

    Please tell me I got the answer using a proper method and this isn't a cruel coincidence. Thanks by the way for the help!
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    sounds like you did it right.
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    :surprised Thanks.
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