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So everything has energy.

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    I'm on an REU type thing right now and renting a room. The family is going on a picnic. My friend passed away recently and I couldn't even make the funeral (it was a few days ago).

    So I'm sitting on my bed (this was like 10 mins ago), internetting about and the family wants me to go on the picnic with them. Not only is it a family reunion, but for me everybody is a stranger and I don't like going out much in the first place.

    One of them tries to convince me to go by saying "Everything has energy, you know, from the sciences. And when you stay cooped up in your room the whole time your negative energy can't get released, so that's why you keep feeling down the whole time."

    I must have missed that lecture. :eek:
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    Don't look at it that way. get off your lazy butt and go socialize with those nice energetic people.
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    Well, he may not know his science, but he's wise about people.

    If you're feeling down, the worst thing you can do is hole up in your room. Get out among people. This will help you to remember your friend's life, rather than his death.
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    No, I'm not feeling down, actually, I just don't like to go out in general.
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    I think that person knows his/her science.
    But, many people often make factual statements knowing those are wrong - I never understood their this socialistic behavior and it pisses me off!
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    so angry!
    Nothing really pisses me off.
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    Why is "making factual statements knowing those are wrong" 'socialistic behavior'?
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    It could have been put better.

    I was only thinking about times when people socialize and abuse their science knowledge like in OP context. I was also consider their conversations that look absurd if you think about them using little amount of brain/ that are simply are irrational.

    But I know it happens all times, in academics, but I was not considering those people.
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    She doesn't know science, but I'm studying physics, so that's where the "like you know, from the sciences" remark came from. I also saw a copy of The Secret lying around in her room...
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    don't take things/yourself too seriously
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    Don't worry...the internet is all you need
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    I seriously agree, damn, guess I don't
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    What about air?
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    I can download air right into my lungs.

    http://www.wired.com/culture/lifestyle/news/2007/04/drsha_0405 [Broken]
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    What happened to the days that MDs were awarded to real doctors, not some nutjob who probably tried to download the information onto this brain.
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    @Positive energy:

    I think it seems true though.
    I don't like to go out much (I never go to family reunions) but if I help/talk to people who really need me/need just someone to talk to, I feel awfully happier and that feeling of happiness stays there for some days.

    I remember some months ago talking to a dumped girl (above my age) on a
    bus station ...
    It was around midnight and she was crying there so I just started listening to
    her story ....

    And some years ago to a woman who works as a laborer, repents for not
    going to college and wants her children not to do the same work.
    Talking to her was just wonderful!
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    You are a good person.
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