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So Excited

  1. Oct 16, 2005 #1
    I've been at Uni for three years now, studying Civil Engineering / Environmental Science. Since I started by grades have been steadily slipping, especially in Eng, not because it is hard but just because it is soooo boring I stop going to lectures. Anyways, Physics has always been my passion but I decided not to study it because I felt there were better career opportunities with civil engineering, and environmental science.

    So I've decided now to forget about career opportunites, go with what I love and major in Physics. I'll be finishing one advanced first year subject this year, which was a breeze because I had already studied everything previously in my own time, and next year 3/4 of my subjects will be physics. So I am just really excited to get to be studying physics next year and I thought I would share that with everyone. Yay!
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