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So, hello there!

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    I figured it was about time I made an account, since I've come across this forum regularly while searching for comprehensible examples of various topics in Physics. I study Applied Physics at TU Delft in the Netherlands and plan to finish my bachelor's in two years time. My main interests are in devising devices capable of measuring and stimulating the activity of a person's nervous system, as well as a variety of programming and aerospace engineering topics.

    The reason I visited today was to look up some theory behind magnetic permeability, since I was trying to figure out if building a superconducting solenoid around Mars' equator could produce a magnetic field of similar intensity to Earth's.

    To wrap this up: Whenever I'm not stuck with something myself, I'll try and help others with theory and problems; may this help everyone involved gain greater understanding of the physics involved.

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    Welcome to PF!
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