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So hows everyones first official week of grad school

  1. Sep 8, 2006 #1
    My wasn't to great...had to run around filling forms and take an 3 hour Academic Integrity Lecture(which reminds me i gott go read that policy).
    Also scheduling my courses...in fact i'm still doing that right now...stupid module length courses(2months).

    Found out that TAs are passed around like commodities(i was passed around 2-3 times haha) and my office in the middle of no where with no other grad students around. ARGH hopefully that will be fixed.

    Plus Side I'm meeting great people my supervisor is really nice and my TAship professor seems really nice. and the grad students are really cool. And my Comptuational Geometry prof was really nice, he let me decide on a course project already.

    My Project: parallel Rendering and Nbody Sims(field of Astrophys)
    My courses: Parallel Computing, Scientific Computing, Computational Geometry.

    Wish I was doing Adaptive Learning but I think Nbody and parallel will benefit me alot.

    I just hope Commuting 1 hour each way isn't gonna burn me out. I've slept 20 hours the past 4-5 days. And when I get home i get these massive sun strokes. I really need to learn to type properly too.
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