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So I want to be a physicist

  1. Sep 7, 2011 #1
    So I want to be a physicist!!!!

    Hi there...
    So, here is my problem..I didn't think my way through and got enrolled in an electrical engineering program.I am in my 2nd yr now.It's not like I don't like Electrical Engineering..It's okay but I am finding my interest getting always hooked up with Physics.So, I was just wondering whether it's possible to make a switch to mainstream physics in graduate studies.

    your help will be appreciated
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    Re: So I want to be a physicist!!!!

    If you're still in your 2nd year, why don't switch major right now instead of waiting till grad school ? many of your credits would be transfered and your graduation would be delayed by probably a maximum of one year. Of course whether that is possible or not depends on which country are you living in. But if it is allowed, it would be much better than doing it in grad school
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    Re: So I want to be a physicist!!!!

    Sorry....the switching is not possible...not at my university.
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    Re: So I want to be a physicist!!!!

    Just take as many Physics courses as possible then. Try cramming in classes like upper level Mechanics, Quantum and E&M into your schedule.
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    Re: So I want to be a physicist!!!!

    If you can change the engineering part then I suggest engineering physics. If not go to a CC and start over since you cant change your major, but thats just me not knowing what your situation is.
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    Re: So I want to be a physicist!!!!

    yes, several of my classmates in grad school came from slightly different majors like Optical Science etc. You might be required to take some undegrad classes during grad program. But to apply to grad program, you will need to pass GRE-Physics which already implies pretty much background. Part of that will be covered while getting degree of EE.
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    Re: So I want to be a physicist!!!!

    Is transferring to another university out of the question? If so, why?
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    Re: So I want to be a physicist!!!!

    I study at Dhaka university in Bangladesh.It's the best university in the country.My parents wouldn't allow me to change university or subject....So, I am kind of stuck!....I would love to hear about the grad possibility though.I understand that it's gonna be hard.But it's possible right???
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