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So, I'm building a coil gun

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    ...and need some help with a bit of engineering. I've got 5 2200μF capacitors @ 400V (I'm familiar with high voltage + current, just not inductors, and have the appropriate safety gear) in parallel with about .05Ω ESR a piece. These are running into a GE C150 SCR, which can surge up to 1200 Amps. I need to figure out the inductance of a coil that won't exceed that 1200 Amps, but come as close to it as possible. At that point I can use the formulas for multilayer coils to figure out a good way to wind the coil.

    Another question: Obviously, increasing the resistance in the circuit will reduce the number of amps passed through the SCR, but what would be the most effective way of doing this (other than spending tons on super high wattage resistors)?

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    jim hardy

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    check the di/dt rating of your SCR
    http://www.affiliatedelec.com/servlet/the-815/C150E--dsh--110-Amp/Detail [Broken]
    800 A/us ?
    i suspect if you size your coil to meet that restriction you'll be okay, but check...

    GE SCR manual is best reference around. usually there's one for sale on Ebay.
    I like 4th edition best.
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