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So it's true after all!

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    If we can actually build quantum computers then Quantum Mechanics and its principles, such as superposition of states, really must be very accurate. Not being a physicist, this is surprising to me, but in a good way. I'm familiar with some of Quantum Mechanics' "oddities" and i've always wondered if it has gone down a path where it is only valid because verifying some of its predictions isn't easy. But there's no way a Quantum Computer would work without the principle of superposition, and regarding Quantum Computation i've always held the "see it to believe it" approach. Of course i will only really believe when i see a Quantum Computer break an RSA encription in polynomial time. We already have the algorithm, by Shor, all we need is the machine. If Quantum Computers are possible then this is all very exciting, these machines are beasts and extraordinarily powerful.
    I'll wait impatiently for the first one. :smile:
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    But what result did it get???:rofl:
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    Well, since it knew 15 with absolute precision it got a result of approximately 3 and approximately 5. :smile:

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