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So ive decided to major in philosophy

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    any other people in here majoring in philosophy, and if so, where do you plan to build your career's at? Im going into pre-law so this fits well but if i get attached enough i may just become a philo prof..
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    I was considering minoring in philosophy, just because I have already taken four 3-credit courses in my first two years of college, but that was in accordance with my plan to major in physics. It's likely now that I won't be able to transfer as a physics major, so I'll probably have to major in mathematics instead and minor in physics, which probably doesn't leave much room for philosophy. Lord knows what I'll do for a career. Hopefully either R&D or analysis for some large company willing to pay me a lot of money. I have a good background in the biological sciences, so maybe bioengineering. The philosophy classes were mainly for the purposes of honing my logic and critical thinking skills, which I would argue are valuable in any line of work.
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