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So Long So Long So Long So Long

  1. May 12, 2005 #1
    [URL [Broken]
    And Thanks For All the Fish![/url]
    (for those who love Hitchhiker's, of course)

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    Ivan Seeking

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    As busy as I am, I can't believe that I just stopped to watch that! :biggrin:
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    Please don't tell me that's the dolphin song, I'm supposed to be doing work and I can't bring myself to click it!

    Edit: I GIVE IN! I GIVE IN! I clicked it, but there was allegedly an error on the page. There must be a god, subtly telling me to carry on doing my coursework instead of dicking around.
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    :rofl: Too bad they didn't put in Flipper doing his laughing thing, or whatever he did that sounded like a laugh.
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