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So many a question

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    My program compiled without any errors...I tried to debug and just on the way to finishing the debugging process, it unforutunately ran into memory access violation. I turned on the memory but there were only question marks, I checked the call stack and as the picture enclosed below already showed you, main function and mainCRTStartup were there, written in a way I don't really understand...
    Please take a look at it, I have two questions which I am looking for some ideas intructions or solutions to. What is written in that call stack window ? And why are there so many question marks in the memory window ?

    Thank you very much,

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    I think my program didn't work because of my errors in coding, i made this question only to ask for some information about MS VC++ functions which I am really new to especially the debugger...
    If you have any ideas, please just tell me...

    Thank you
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    The easiest way to find bugs in your code is to setup a breakpoint and walk through the program step by step. You can also drag variables to the watch area and see how they change values.
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    Thank you, i set up a break point and jumped to the code that led to the error but still unable to fix it...

    I have some questions as mentioned in my original post about what is written in the image that I really needs some explanation....if you don't care spending some moments having a look at it...
    Again thank you very much,
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    The call stack is just what it is - a stack filled with function calls. For instance, when you have a recursive function, each time the function is called it is pushed onto the stack. Everytime you exit a function it is popped off the stack. It is basically a way for the computer to track where you are and where it has to go when a function is exited.

    The questions marks mean that there is nothing there or the memory locations are protected.
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    Thank you for your explanation
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