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So many pushes, only one pull

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    I was just thinking, and gravity, is the only invisible force that "pulls" everything else i can think of, besides magnetism, is a "push". can anyone else think of anything?
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    Most forces are both. Electromagnetism has opposite effects based on charge. The strong force pushes things that are close, pulls things that are farther, then has negligible efect at long distance. Gravity just pulls. This is why it is the most noticeable force ... it is uncancelled in the grand scheme of things.

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    To every force, there is an equal and opposite force. But for gravity, these two forces are lock-in together (quantized) at the infinitesimal region of spacetime. And these two forces are not exactly equal in magnitude or exactly opposite in direction giving rise to a net effect of only "pull."
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    The interaction of these two forces at the infinitesimal region of space creates a Local Infinitesimal Motion (LIM). This LIM is the square of energy, E, given by the following:

    [tex] E^2 = F_i \times r_i \cdot F_j \times r_j [/tex]

    The square of energy can be called the true quantum of nature. This true quantum gives the definition of two kinds of mass: the potential mass (same as inertial and gravitational mass) and the kinetic mass (which is really the mass component of momentum (linear or angular)).
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