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So, Oregon State, engineering physics, and software engineering?

  1. Apr 4, 2010 #1
    So, I'm a junior, but I'm planning on going to Oregon State. My two friends are going with me, and we plan on splitting bills and stuff like that. My whole family has kind of gone there, and I was hoping to break tradition, but I really love Oregon. I belong there.
    I was gonna go for my engineering physics for a few years, until I decide what engineering I'm going into. (Like, either electrical or software) Or I might just stick with physics, because I'm in love with it.
    Does anyone go there? What's the program like?
    And, my second question is, is taking EP before my engineering program a complete waste of my time? As in, it'll be fun, but wouldn't it just take me longer, and not get me that much farther ahead? Is that even USEFUL in a software engineer?
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